Creative Ways to De-Ice Windshields

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Image via Flickr by ChrisHConnelly

Few things are worse than a frozen car on a day when you’re already running late for work. Luckily, those mornings become much easier when you know a few options for removing ice. Start by trying these four creative ways to de-ice your windshield.

Scrape the Ice Off With a Credit Card

A sudden snowstorm may leave you and your car stranded without an ice scraper. Luckily, you already have a makeshift scraper. Any credit card will do. If you’re worried that scraping ice might damage your credit card, then you can use a gift card or any other piece of thin, sturdy plastic. Turn your car’s defrost on for a few minutes before you start scraping the windshield. This will loosen the ice so you can attack it more easily. Hopefully you have some gloves with you when you have to use this method. It gets cold very quickly.

Spray it with Rubbing Alcohol

This is one of the easiest ways to remove ice without working up a sweat. Start by mixing two parts rubbing alcohol and one part water in a spray bottle. Adding a few drops of liquid detergent can also help. After you have sprayed this mixture on your windshield, it only takes a few seconds for the ice to start melting. You’ll want to turn your windshield wipers on to remove excess liquid. If the windshield wipers are stuck, then you can spray them, too. For an even easier way to remove ice, pour rubbing alcohol into your windshield washer reservoir before it gets cold outside. This will prevent the hoses from getting frozen. That way, you can just use the windshield washer to remove ice quickly. You won’t even need to carry any emergency supplies when you leave the house.

Wash the Windshield in Salt Water

If you don’t have any rubber alcohol handy, then you can remove ice by spraying the windshield with salt water. Salt water has a lower freezing point than rainwater, so the ice on your windshield will start to melt as the waters combine. Keep in mind there are different types of salt. If it’s barely freezing out, then you can probably do a good job with table salt. If it’s really cold, then you should try using road salt. Since salt can cause your car’s metal pieces to rust, you want to use this method sparingly. It’s best to have your car washed shortly as soon as possible.

Use Your Blow-Dryer

If you have a blow-dryer and an extension cord, then you are prepared to de-ice your car’s windshield in a hurry. You can make the ice melt even faster by turning on your car’s defrost. That way, you’re heating the ice from both sides. Sure, your neighbors may look at you funny, but you’ll have the final laugh while you watch them try to scrape the windshields without falling face first onto their driveways. With a little creativity and products that you can find around your home, a frozen windshield won’t ruin your winter mornings.