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What Do I Do if the Shop Damaged My Car

You may think you don’t have any options if the garage or a valet service damages your car. However, according to many state laws, that damage is their fault, which means they should fix it for you. The Garage Will Say You’re Liable Many garages put up signs or make statements that they’re not liable… Read more »

Safety Rundown: Rust

Rust on your car is sort of like termites in your home: once it shows up it’ll only get worse, and it’s hard to get rid of permanently. If you own a vehicle that’s more than a few years old, either you or your mechanic should make sure you keep an eye out for rust,… Read more »

Creative Ways to De-Ice Windshields

Few things are worse than a frozen car on a day when you’re already running late for work. Luckily, those mornings become much easier when you know a few options for removing ice. Start by trying these four creative ways to de-ice your windshield. Scrape the Ice Off With a Credit Card A sudden snowstorm… Read more »

A Checklist for Preparing Your Car For Spring

Now that winter is gone and spring is on its way, it’s the time of year when you can actually go outside without getting blanketed by snow and able to walk without sliding down the sidewalk. There are many things that need to be thought about when making this seasonal transition, and getting your car ready for… Read more »

Improving Your Credit Score in Ogdensburg

Having good credit is essential when you’re looking at investing in a new house or buying that new car you’ve had your eye on. But there’s much more to your credit score than you think. Though more ways exist to damage it than you probably knew, that also means there are more ways to fix… Read more »

The Nitty-Gritty on Snow Tires

Are snow tires really necessary for getting through the winter safely? Many drivers choose to rely on all-season tires throughout a snowy winter because they think snow tires are too expensive or not worth the extra hassle of having them put on. Snow tires, however, are designed to safely drive in snowy and icy conditions…. Read more »